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Concierges are not just for fancy hotels: they can and do play an important role in the world of the corporate workplace, where the daily demands are ever-increasing.

A good concierge will seamlessly integrate into the culture of your operation and become a valued asset, a trusted facilitator of personal and corporate tasks that free up valuable time, allowing you and your teams to become more productive.

In any given day a concierge could be asked to cover a broad sweep of activities – some menial, some challenging but all geared to helping the wheels of your business turn.

It could be setting up a video conference, preparing the layout of a meeting room, sorting out theatre tickets, booking taxis, organising lunch or even purchasing flowers, plants, and newspapers.

Fairclough’s concierge service can be tailored to corporate or personal requirements or a combination of the two. It can be managed offsite or we can provide a person or team at your premises. The latter is the best option as it helps build stronger relationships with the people who stand to benefit the most from its availability.


Fairclough started supporting MetLife on basic preventative maintenances and reactive repairs they did such a good job and were so reliable, flexible and proactive that we have, after a tender process, extended their contract to Total FM Services across the UK and Ireland.


I would highly recommend using Fairclough and we are extremely happy with the level of service provided.  I find that the people arriving on site are extremely good at what they do and usually go over and above standard maintenance to make sure the customer is happy.

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

From the minute we engaged Fairclough they talked me through the relocation process, advised me of the things “I didn’t think about” and made the transitions as simple as possible. Our new offices are fantastic having managed to deliver the works on time and on budget. Fairclough has now been retained to manage all of our ongoing FM requirements.


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